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12 PCS Premium Denim Iron-On Patch

$59.99 $79.99

Easily Patch Up Your Clothes Without Sewing!

“I am several months down the road with these patches. I put them on my husband's favorite work jeans. They are still holding strong! The corners haven't even begun to loosen. And they are soft like the jeans themselves. I will continue to order these forever!” - Elaisa Clark

Why Buy Our 12 PCS Premium Denim Iron-On Patch?

CONVENIENT: The patches come in the size of 3” x 4-¼”, making it the ideal size that will help you to conceal both small and large holes and enough to create your designs. It includes four different shades of blue that can perfectly match your various denim clothes.

EASY TO USE: You only need to use an iron to repair or decorate your denim clothes without a hassle. Just preheat your iron to the maximum, then place the patch on the desired spot and iron over the patch with pressure for 60 seconds. No need for sewing or the use of fabric glue anymore!

FLEXIBLE: These patches can be placed either on the inside or outside of the garment. Simply use scissors or a die-cut machine to cut the patches to the size or shape you want. Perfect for repairing or decorating your pants, jackets, socks, sheets, shirts, and more.

WASHABLE: The applied patches are washable at high temperatures. They can also be tumble dried in a high temperature setting with no problem. Even if the applied patch starts to peel off after some time, simply re-iron the patch again. 


  • One patch can be re-ironed at least 3 times, even after washing. 
  • To prevent felting off and curling up, pay special attention to the corners, butt areas, and seams when applying the patches.
  • The front side of the patch is 100% cotton, while the rear side is covered with the strongest hot-melt adhesive film. 
  • Do not apply patches using hair straighteners or other heating objects; only use an iron.
  • Carefully read the instructions for the fabric; which you are going to repair. It has to withstand the highest temperature of the iron.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I want to iron this patch on under a hole so it will show through. But won't it be shiny and glued-looking?

A: Yes, the initial application will have a shiny glue finish. But after a couple of washes, the shiny glue will disappear and will look like a normal fabric. You can also put a patch on both sides if you don’t want to wait for the shiny glue to disappear.

Q: Would this patch fix a ripped back pocket from the inside of the back pocket?

A: Yes

Q: Do you need fabric glue to apply the patch?

A: No, the patch already has glue. The hot iron melts the glue to make it stick.