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300 Amp Magnetic Ground Base Clamp

$129.99 $149.99

A Reliable Welding Ground Clamp For Your DIY Projects!

I love this grounding clamp! I had a project that didn't allow for a normal clamp to latch onto, so this magnet was perfect for the job. What I didn't expect was how well the ground and welder performed. I don't weld anything thicker than 1/8 inch with my Miller 140, so the magnet never gets hot. The welder really likes this ground clamp.” - Cris R.

Why Buy Our 300 Amp Magnetic Ground Base Clamp?

EASY TO USE: This clamp has a fin design that lowers the temperature by 27 percent and a strong magnet that is easy to attach to any smooth metal surface, flat or round, without slipping off. Simply place the clamp on a clean work surface, turn it on, and start welding.

CONVENIENT: It features a turn-on and off switch, making it faster and more convenient. The magnetic grip turns all the way off for a quick release and turns on for instant grounding and hold. There’s no need to pry or fight a magnet for precise positioning. Use it with tig, spot, stick torch, fiber, or arc welders. 

EFFICIENT: The magnet stays clean and will automatically fall off any kind of debris or steel shavings once turned off, saving you time and effort in cleaning it.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will it work with both ac and dc?

A: Yes, just make sure to use it within the suggested amperage.

Q: Will this work on harbor freight Chicago electric welder stick or flux welder?

A: It will work on any welding machine that uses a ground.