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Adjustable Outdoor Rotisserie Grill & Spit Set

$149.99 $179.99

Take Your Campfire Grilling Skills To Another Level!

“This rotisserie is surprisingly sturdy. We built a fire and made a whole ham. Once we got the height adjusted correctly, it cooked slowly and came out juicy, tender, and evenly cooked. I'm hoping to make many delicious meats as well as try some other foods that will slow-cook well. This is a nice product!” - Natalie Corbyn

Why Buy Our Adjustable Outdoor Rotisserie Grill & Spit Set?

ADJUSTABLE: You can use this set as an open-fire camp grill to help you cook delicious food on any open-flame heat source outdoors. Both the grate and grill height can be adjusted as needed. Simple thumb screws make operation easier. It is a great addition to your outdoor camping or backyard gathering with friends.

VERSATILE: Unlike the others, this spit rod comes with two meat forks that can do the job of a rotisserie, helping your meat cook evenly and stably on the rod. Its grate and grill don't interfere with each other, which achieves the purpose of roasting chicken and grilling at the same time. 

DURABLE: The whole set is made of high-quality steel for durability and reliability in performance. Its spiral-designed handle protects you from high-temperature burns, making it easier to rotate any meat. It also has two extended hooks on both sides that can hang some small kettles or pots, maximizing your outdoor cooking experience.

PORTABLE: It has a detachable design and is lightweight enough, which makes it easy to store and transport while camping. Perfect for roasting chicken and lamb legs with rotisserie, cooking beef, hotdogs, veggies, or food on the grill.


  • The diamond-shaped grilling mesh keeps food from falling out and creates beautiful grill marks on foods.
  • Assembly is required for this set.
  • It has a maximum load capacity of 15 to 20 LBS.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have to take it all apart for transporting to campgrounds?

A: Yes, but you don’t have to if it doesn't take up much room and it only takes a few minutes to take apart.

Q: What is the diameter of the spit rod?

A: It is a 31" long square spit rod.