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Electric Wine Bottle Chiller

$209.99 $249.99

Bring Out The Real Flavor Of Wine Today!

"I was tired of room temp wine and I came across this. It works so well and now I enjoy wine every night! Works incredibly fast & convenient. - Isabella Perdue

Why Buy Our Electric Wine Bottle Chiller?

✅CHILLS: Bring out the real flavor of your wine or champagne with our Electric Wine Bottle Chiller! Brings it at the ideal temperature which makes it tannin-focused, acidity balanced while having the alcohol detectable, revealing the flavor & aroma! Includes a display that allows you to control the temperature from 41℉-64℉ (5℃-18℃) and allows you to adjust the temperature based on the wine or champagne!

✅BUILD: Fits your standard 750ml wine bottles which makes it incredibly versatile when it comes to the types of wines & champagne it can fit. And to get more specific it also fits those less than 3.74” in diameter wine bottles. The design also makes it portable making it available to use anywhere with a plug!

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Fits 750ml standard wine bottles & below with less than 3.74” in diameter

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you use this for beer?

A: Yes, though because the beer is shorter you would have to reach further in to get it.

Q: What material is this made out of?

A: It is made out of stainless steel.