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2 PCS Hot Plate & Bowl Gripper

$59.99 $89.99

Handle Sizzling Plates With Ease!

"I'm always microwaving bowls. But as you know it gets scalding hot! I used to have to use a towel to get the bowl out as it was just too hot to touch. Well, not anymore! This thing not only gets it out with ease, it becomes a handle for the bowl, it's ingenious! - Beth Sullivan

Why Buy Our Hot Plate & Bowl Gripper?

✅GRIPS: Don’t get scalded with our 2 PCS Hot Plate & Bowl Gripper! It can lift up to 5 lbs with each individual tong. Handles various cookware from plates, bowls, pots & more! Now you can remove dishes from freshly cooked appliances such as microwaves & stoves as quickly as possible & eat your food as warm as possible!

✅DESIGN: Made with high-quality stainless steel & silicone, it can handle the temperatures that come with dealing with hot plates. It grips firmly and even has a locking mechanism to ensure the grip is secure and won’t produce any unwanted accidents. Easily operated one-handed and comes in two pieces!

❗ Reminder ❗

  • The tongs individually have a 5 lbs capacity.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it be used for a pot?

A: Each gripper can handle 5 lbs so as long as you stay within that range, you’re fine.

Q: Is this easy to squeeze?

A: Yes, it is though it can depend on the width of the cookware you are gripping.