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Jar Seal Opener

$59.99 $79.99

Open Up Stubborn Bottles!

"What an amazing product! I use it all the time as I have weak arms but now I can open bottles & jars with no problem! - Jason Buckley

Why Buy Our Jar Seal Opener?

✅OPENS: No longer do you have to struggle to open stubborn jars or bottles with our Jar Seal Opener. You only need to grip the bottle with this device and start twisting! It gives you the leverage you need making it easier to open and gives you a grip you otherwise wouldn’t have with only your hands.

✅VERSATILE: It also pretty much opens most of the jars and bottles, it can open up to 7.6 inches width of lids. Not only is it useful for things such as food jars and water bottles, but it can also be used for all kinds of bottles such as nail polish bottles and others.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this fit my nail polish bottle?

A: As long as the device can grip onto it, then yes.

Q: Will it damage the lid?

A: No, it is safe to use.