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Mini Stained Glass Grinder Kit

$189.99 $219.99

Get The Ideal Glass Shape You Want Every Time!

“I love how easy this grinder is to use. I am an artist who does mosaics with stained glass. I also made jewelry with broken pieces of glass. Before I bought this, I struggled to make sure there were no sharp edges. It was a laborious process. This grinder has made my life so much easier!” - Luisa Anderson

Why Buy Our Mini Stained Glass Grinder Kit?

VERSATILE: This glass grinder has a strong power motor that can help you quickly obtain the ideal glass shape you need, taking you to experience an unparalleled journey of stained glass art. It is equipped with two diamond grinding bits of different sizes, ⅝” & 1”. You can grind a variety of shapes, such as flat, curved, rounded, sloped, etc.

RELIABLE: The grinding head base adopts the principle of the screw pump, which can automatically wick water up onto the grinding wheel and flush the dust for a clean & convenient operation. It also has an acrylic baffle that can effectively prevent splashes during use and make it much safer.

QUALITY DESIGN: It is made of ABS material with a recessed switch design, making it lightweight, durable, rust-proof, and impact resistant. Suitable for hard materials such as glass, marble, and ceramics. A perfect gift for glass class learners and DIY enthusiasts.


  • The glass grinder's automatic water supply system ensures a continuous and consistent flow of water for a smooth grinding experience. No sponge is required.
  • It includes a spare fuse to ensure uninterrupted use and provide peace of mind in case of emergencies or accidents.
  • Operating Steps:
    • Assemble the grinder according to the manual instructions.
    • Fill the water reservoir with 200ml.
    • Connect the electric cord to the power supply. 
    • Turn on the switch and start grinding.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this glass grinder come with a protective cover?

A: This glass grinder includes a splash guard that sits behind the bit and has a perfectly widened baffle directly above it to protect your eyes well.

Q: Does the glass grinder have 2 grinding heads?

A: Yes