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Nut and Bolt Thread Checker

$59.99 $79.99

Save Yourself A Hardware Store Trip!

"I use this thread checker quite often, as I have four motorcycles and do a lot of my own work. I have lots of bins, some of which hold SAE nuts and bolts while others hold metric nuts and bolts. Rather than keep them all in a big jar of random nuts and bolts, I can size them and put them in the appropriate cubbyhole for when I need a particular size.” Tyler Ortiz

Why Buy Our Nut & Bolt Thread Checker?

✅THREAD CHECKER: The Nut & Bolt Thread Checker gives you an accurate measurement of the thread sizes of your fasteners. It has both connectors so either bolt or nut is able to be measured. You no longer need to go to the hardware store to double-check the size of your threads.

✅SIZE FINDER: It has both Metric & Standard measurements. The first variation has 26 gauges that go up to 14” and m12. The second variation has 34 gauges that go up to 18” and m16. The metric is oxide black while the standard is zinc making it easy to distinguish which is which.

✅CONVENIENT: Each gauge is separated into one another and it is easily rotated to find the permanently engraved size on it. Also, it is color-coded, black being metric and silver being standard measurement. It is all loops into a wire and easily portable and stored.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do these spin freely?

A: Yes they do, it makes checking the size easier.

Q: Does it have metric measurements?

A: Yes it has both metric and standard measurements.