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Portable Camp Baking Oven

$139.99 $169.99

Bake Cookies In The Wild!

"This is AWESOME! We baked cookies and used it as a warmer for food while other food was still cooking. The oven folds down to an easily storable size. If you're thinking about getting one, just get it. - Alex Calhoun

Why Buy Our Portable Camp Baking Oven?

✅CAMP OVEN: Open up a new world of flavor while camping with our Portable Camp Baking Oven! It folds flat when disassembled and is easily assembled by just opening up the product and latching it. You can bake cookies, cinnamon rolls & more! It even has three different rack levels to give you more options for your baking!

✅DESIGN: It has a convenient in-built thermometer that makes it incredibly easy to keep track of the temperature of your oven, no need for guessing or bringing an external tool! It is made of aluminum steel that resists scratches, corrosion & heat. It also has a good amount of space (10 sq in.) which makes it good for baking for multiple people.


  • Not recommended for grills

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there extra racks?

A: No, there are not.

Q: How much can it fit?

A: It has a 10 sq. in. capacity with three heights for the rack to be arranged.