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Propane Torch

$89.99 $109.99

A Great Tool For Gardening, Camping, Roofing, and Roadwork!

"It's easy to use and operate. Used this for starting fires in my fire pit and will use for torching weeds in the backyard." - Kyle J.

Why Buy Our Propane Torch?

✅ POWERFUL: Has a dual adjustment system of flow valve and turbo-blast trigger allows you to control the flame with one hand for easy operation. Heats up to over 3400° F with ease and has a 700,000 BTU of maximum heat output. 

MULTIPURPOSE: Can be used to burn weeds and stumps, melt snow/ice, sear meat or fish, light fires, solder, do wood grain burning, soften asphalt, remove paint from non-flammable surfaces, and more. It's ideal for home, garden, farm, industrial, and construction use.

DURABLE: Made with Alloy Steel for durability and is equipped with an ergonomic luxury handle to increase comfort during use. Has a 9.8 FT gas hose that connects the torch to your propane source.


  • When operating with one hand, you can slightly open the valve, press the trigger to ignite and then press the turbo-blast trigger to adjust the flame size. 
  • Fitted with a 7/8" to 14 TPI, left-hand male propane bottle connection with a steel tip diameter of 2 3/8”.
  • Compatible with standard liquid propane cylinders (5 lbs, 10 lbs, 20 lbs, 30 lbs, 40 lbs, and 100 lbs)
  • Propane Cylinder is NOT included in the package.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use this?


  1. Connect the hose to the propane tank and the torch connector.
  2. Rotate the torch valve knob to release gas.
  3. Squeeze the trigger to light the flame.
  4. Rotate the valve knob and control the turbo-blast trigger to adjust the flame size. 

Q: How long is the hose?

A: It's 9.8 FT.