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1/4-inch Tire Air Chuck

$69.99 $89.99

Efficiently Inflate Your Tires With Zero Air Loss!

“I put this on the air filler at our fire station, as we have all kinds of stem configurations on the different vehicles. This tip can reach all of them, and the swivel capability makes it hard to find one that it couldn’t reach. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who fills tires!” - Tristan E.

Why Buy Our ¼ Inch Tire Air Chuck?

EASY TO USE: This air chuck has a 7” straight extended neck with a dual 360 swivel head that offers endless angles to secure all types of tire valve stems. With its automatic clamping design that gives a 100% airtight seal, it can quickly measure, inflate or air down your tires. Simply connect it to a tire inflator, push the air chuck to your tire valve stems, and start filling it up.

NOTE: This is an open-flow style air chuck.

RELIABLE: It is equipped with an "Airlock Locking System" that utilizes military-grade automatic self-locking clamps that grab and lock onto the tire valve stem with a simple push, providing an airtight seal that will never leak or fail. It also has a built-in quick-release button that swiftly disconnects the air chuck from the tire with zero air loss. 

COMPATIBILITY: Features a 1/4-inch F-NPT laser-cut threaded fitting, suitable for tire pressure gauges, inflators, or hand-operated open/close valves to control air flow from a compressor with precision for tire inflation. It’s ideal to use on valve stems on cars, trucks, RVs, campers, trailers, motorhomes, and more. 


  • This is an open-flow style air chuck that allows air to flow freely through the chuck, even when not engaged to the tire valve stem. We DO NOT suggest connecting this air chuck directly to the air compressor hose since the air will flow freely through the chuck and possibly empty the tank. 
  • We recommend this as part of an in-line setup with a compatible tire inflator gauge to monitor tire pressure and open/close airflow from the compressor. If using with an air compressor with tank, you must also use an inline, hand-operated tire inflation tool.
  • How to use the SWIVEL HEAD:
    • Straight Out Head - Angle the nozzle straight out for easy-to-access valve stems standard on many cars, trucks, and SUVs.
    • 45-Degrees Head - Rotate the nozzle to 45 degrees to access hard-to-reach, hidden inner valve stems on dual wheel setups.
    • 90-Degrees Head - Quickly twist the nozzle to 90 degrees to get access between the spokes of a bike tire or to access inner facing valve stems.
    • Straight In Head - Angle the nozzle straight in to access the hard-to-reach tire valve stem locations with ease. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the head be disconnected and replaced with the l3 series Presta valve head?

A: No, you can’t remove it.

Q: Will this work for the duals on a semi?

A: Yes

Q: What do you mean by "zero air loss"?

A: The air chuck is equipped with an Airlock Locking System that locks onto the tire valve stem, providing a 100% airtight seal that will not leak. Even if you disconnect the air chuck to the valve stem, once you finish inflating the tire, it ensures that no air will escape from the tire.