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Versatile Kitchen Sink Workstation

$379.99 $429.99

Make Washing Dishes A Breeze!

"I absolutely love it! It looks great, has held up well, and all the extra parts (drying rack, cutting board, etc.) are appreciated additions. Donʻt hesitate. I feel like I really scored on this one! - Shannon Perdue

Why Buy Our Versatile Kitchen Sink Workstation?

✅SINK: Our Versatile Kitchen Sink Workstation makes it incredibly easy to wash dishes, chop vegetables, and basic homemaking tasks that involve the sink! It has different sizes to fit your kitchen top and it has an x-grooves design that makes the water drain better. It also has a soundproofing design that makes the noise it makes quieter for a more relaxing experience!

✅ACCESSORIES: It has an included grate that separates your plates and dishes from the bottom of the sink letting the water fall down and drain. A cutting board makes it incredibly easy to chop vegetables & a drying rack to easily dry your dishes or even clean your dishes on top of it. It also has plugs and strainers for the drain of your sink. Easy to install & use, lasts a lifetime, get yours today!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used for laminate countertops?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: Does it have a brushed finish?

A: Yes it is, it has a warmer tone than unfinished stainless steel, which is helpful for disguising blemishes.

Q: What are the sizes?

A: The sizes are 23x19, 27x19 & 30x19!