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6-in-1 Ziplock & Wrap Organizer

$89.99 $119.99

Declutter Your Kitchen!

"It’s a game changer! My drawer looks sleek and organized, it’s easy to grab one bag at a time without dealing with a torn box or too many coming out. The little cutter tabs in the rolls work perfectly too with extras included. - Iris Woods

Why Buy Our 6-in-1 Ziplock & Wrap Organizer?

✅ZIPLOCK: You no longer have to rummage around your drawers with multiple products & packages with our 6-in-1 Ziplock & Wrap Organizer! It puts every type of ziplock bag you have in one container with easy access. Also has containers for plastic & foil wraps with an included cutter for even more convenient use. All of your wrapping and packaging needs are in one container!

✅WRAP: Made of beautiful bamboo wood that fits in practically any kitchen in the world! It has an included label engraved in the product that makes it easy to pick out which ziplock or wrap you need. This is also versatile enough that you can use any brand of ziplock or wrap. The product is made in one piece and made to last.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it fit a complete set of ziplock bags?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: How do you insert the bags?

A: Remove them from the box and insert them directly into the opening, it is an intuitive process!